Where to buy the best and freshest baklava in Istanbul?

The best baklava shops in Istanbul

The best baklava shops in Istanbul are one of the most attractive places to buy sweets. Baklava is one of the famous desserts and sweets of Turkey and one of the original souvenirs of this country, which is very popular among Turks and tourists. If you are a lover of sweets and desserts, try this delicious sweet at least once during your trip to Turkey.

There are different types of Turkish baklava that you can buy from the best baklava shops in Istanbul as a sweet and different souvenir. If you are planning to buy baklava on your trip to Istanbul, it is better to stay with us in this article to get to know the best baklava shops in the city.

Gaziantep baklava

Gaziantep Baklava is one of the popular baklava shops in Istanbul which has affordable prices and you can experience the wonderful taste of baklava in this shop. In addition to buying Turkish baklava, this pastry cafe, which is located in Istanbul’s Kocaeli district, offers Turkish tea and coffee along with baklava.

Koskeroglu baklava

If you think that baklava is too sweet, you can try a different baklava with a more balanced sweetness at Koskeroglu Baklava located in Karakoy region. Koskeroglu The pastry is very famous among locals and tourists and most of the time in this patisserie you will see a long line for baklava who come to buy the best and most delicious Turkish baklava.

Where to buy the best and freshest baklava in Istanbul?

Haci Bozan baklava

Haci Bozan baklava is located in Bahcelievler neighborhood and is one of the popular baklava shops for tourists who travel to Istanbul, that’s why this baklava shop is open not only on weekdays but also on holidays. In this store, you can buy all kinds of Turkish baklavas, which is the most popular Haci Bozan baklava among chocolate baklava customers.

Karakoy Gulluoglu

One of the best baklava shops in Istanbul, which has been operating since the 20th century to this day, is the family-run Baklava Gulluoglu, located in the Karaköy district and close to the Galata Tower in Istanbul. Gulluoglu patisserie prepares nuts for Turkish baklava such as peanuts from the city of Gaziantep and walnuts from the city of Karahisar, and for this reason it is very famous among travelers. In addition to high-quality and fresh baklava, other sweets of this patisserie are worth trying, and according to locals, this is the best baklava shop in Istanbul, where you can buy Turkish sweets and desserts.

Hafiz Mustafa

Hafiz Mustafa baklava chain stores are among the best baklava stores in Istanbul, located on Istiklal Street, Harbiye and Hamidiye caddesi district, and in addition to all kinds of baklava, they are famous for having various wonderful sweets and desserts, such as Rahat Lukum and fruit candies. This baklava shop has one of the highest quality and freshest baklavas in Istanbul, and you can be sure of buying the best Turkish baklava in any of its branches.

Ali usta baklava

Ali usta Baklava in Istanbul is one of the highest quality and best baklava shops in the city and is famous for its delicious kadaif in addition to the sweetness of baklava that should not be missed under any circumstances. If you are looking for fresh and quality baklava in Sirkeci area, be sure to visit Ali Usta and buy Turkish and Kadaif type quality baklava from this baklava shop.

Cidem pastanesi

You can have the experience of eating the best Turkish desserts and baklavas at Cidem Pastanesi Baklava house located in Sultanahmet area. In addition to being a spectacular restaurant full of delicious Turkish cakes and desserts, this baklava house is one of the affordable and traditional restaurants you can find in Istanbul to eat baklava.

Sekerci Cafer erol

Şekerci Cafer erol is one of the famous and old confectionary cafes in Kadikoy district of Istanbul, which is about 200 years old and is one of the best baklava shops in Istanbul where you can find all kinds of high-quality and fresh baklava and cakes in this confectionary cafe. Şekerci Cafer erol has several branches all over Istanbul and besides Turkish baklava, the ice creams of this cafe are also famous and it is one of the best ice cream shops in the region where most people go to eat ice cream.

Summary of the best baklava shops in Istanbul

Baklava is one of the famous and delicious Turkish dishes, which has a long history and is very popular among tourists. This delicious pastry can be purchased at all pastry shops in Istanbul, but in order to buy high-quality and fresh baklava, it is better to know the most famous and best baklava shops in Istanbul and buy this delicious pastry there.

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