Bursa Turkey

Bursa is a large city in Turkey and located in the Marmara Region. It is known as Green Bursa becaause of varied forests of the surrounding region. There are many Ski Resorts on Mount Uludağ.

Welcome to Bursa!

There is green mosque which is built by Celebi Sultan Mehmet in 1419 and tomb of Sultan Celebi Mehmet. If you catch free time, you may go to see Historical Plane Tree which is 600 years old.

You can do visit of this city daily. If you leave from İstanbul in the morning, it takes only 4 hours to arrive this beautiful city. After visinting city, you can comeback to İstanbul again. If you like to save more time, you can take a flight or ferry and comeback with a flight or ferry in the evening. If you go to Bursa, you should try hamam for sure. Because this city is famous for with mineral spring water. There are very nice hotels which are built over this water sources. You may stay over night by paying for it. This mineral spring water comes from underground and good for sickness.

You can see the magical green beauty of Bursa by cable car. But it doesn`t work when the weather is bad. During your tour to this city, you can visit 5th important Mosque with its holy value.