Troy Tours Turkey

Troy is a name that evokes stories of legendary empires, epic tales and courageous soldiers, inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC. Troy has been one of the most important cities of the Mediterranean for many centuries. It is famous due to the Greek epic novel “Iliad”, where Homer described the mythical “Trojan war”. 

With our daily tours from Istanbul, you will discover the real Troy, which today is an important archaeological site in the northwest of Turkey, close to the Dardanelles. 

Welcome to Troy

The tour starts in the early mourning, when you will be picked up from your hotel to go to Canakkale, a city located on the narrow strait of the Dardanelles. On the way to Canakkale you will see the Marmara Sea and some typical villages of the Thracian region. The Dardanelles is a strait that connects Sea of Marmara to Aegean Sea. The area is very important for the memory of the Turkish Republic in that it took place one of the crucial battles of the Independence War in the 1915. In Canakkale you will have a lunch break.

The arrival to the archaeological site will be in the afternoon. Here you will be able to enter to a wooden replica of the “Trojan Horse” that, according to the Epic, has been used by the Spartans to get into the city-fortress. From the top of the horse you will have a panoramic view of the site.

The visit of the site starts with the fortification walls and the entrance. The Spartans did in the Epic hidden in the wooden horse, you will get inside the legendary city of Troy. You will see the most interesting attractions, such as the Temple of Athena, The Schliemann’s Trench, the Odeon and the Sanctuary. Tour Guide will explain you throughout the visit, recounting you the history of the site, between reality and epics.

At the end of the tour, our local tour guide will take you back to bus terminal for your return to Istanbul.

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