As in the whole world, some taxi drivers are deceiving tourists in Istanbul as well. The most common fraud they do is to extend the travel time by making unnecessary deviations. And since you’re not from Istanbul, they’re pretty sure you won’t notice. But with this list of Istanbul taxi fares from Taksim and Sultanahmet to the most common tourist destinations, you can be sure you’re paying the right taxi fare. We offer you to use taxi meter to everywhere instead of bargaining price with taxi drivers in Istanbul. When you bargain price, they always ask more money ofcourse. Since they don’t have right to bargain and don’t use taxi meters while taking you somewhere in Istanbul.

After getting into the taxi, the driver must turn on the taxi meter. You should see the current flat rate of 12.65 TL on the screen. This can change everyyear according to annual rate of increase.

This fee will increase by approximately 8.5 TL for each kilometer.


If the taxi is stuck in traffic and does not move, or if it has to wait for more than 5 minutes on your behalf, a fee of 1.45 TL per minute will be added. Please don’t forget that the minimum fare is 40 TL for now.(There is such a rule to prevent people from taking a taxi for very short distances.)

If your taxi has to pay a toll to cross the bridge (8.25 TL round trip for the first two bridges, 19 TL for the third bridge), use a tunnel (53 TL for the tunnel under the Bosphorus), or use a specific taxi. On highways, this fee will be added to the fee over the counter. There are 2 different taxi with their calour. Yellow taxis are normal one. But blue taxis are more luxury one and more expensive compare to yellow taxi.